Grid-connected solar modules market in 2022.

Снимка: Германско дружество за слънчева енергия (DGS)
Снимка: Германско дружество за слънчева енергия (DGS)
17 July 2023

Assessment of the survey of grid-connected solar module suppliers on market structure, market volume, sales and customer preferences.

The market for grid-connected solar modules is undergoing a dynamic development. However, so far there has been a lack of conclusive data on the market structure and volume. Through a survey of suppliers of grid-connected solar modules in Germany and a resulting analysis, this study has, for the first time, shown the suppliers structure. Furthermore, it provides a reliable market forecast and presents preferences on the use of solar modules, but also opportunities and barriers from the suppliers' perspective.

What is typical for suppliers?

The results of the survey show that 72% of the suppliers belong to the category of micro enterprises. Grid-connected solar modules were also available before 2010, but 62% of the suppliers surveyed only started selling solar modules in 2019 or at a later time. Of all solar modules sold by the surveyed suppliers to date, 75% have been sold directly to end customers by companies.

What solar modules types are sold?

On solar modules use sites, the most common type of application is outdoors, with 44%, an example of this being flat roofs or in gardens. The second most common application is the balcony, with 29%. According to the study, the Shuko plug has become the standard plug connection – 77% of all solar modules in operation in Germany use this plug type.

What is the market volume at the end of 2021?

Based on an estimate of the data collected, it was first established that between 140,000 and 190,000 grid-connected solar modules had been sold to end customers in Germany by the end of 2021. This corresponds to an output of 59 to 66 megawatts. The number of modules sold by suppliers in the survey also almost doubled in 2021 compared to the previous year. On that basis it is difficult to estimate total turnover, but expectations are that it exceeded EUR 30 million in 2021. The very rapid dynamics of market development can be demonstrated for the first time and based on available data.

Market volume of grid-connected solar modules in total and in 2020 and 2021. Number of grid-connected solar modules (left) and capacity in megawatts (right).

Sold grid connection solar modules
Total (by the end of 2021)
2020 Study
2021 Estimate
Left graphic
Cumulative power in MW
Total (end of 2021)
2020 Study
2021 Estimate
Right graphic



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